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F-35 Fighter Jet Flying


Tech Tube’s roots in the aerospace industry stem back over 70 years and have grown to make Tech Tube one of the world’s largest manufacturers of aerospace tubing. The world relies on the aerospace industry for transportation, exploration and defense, and it demands the highest quality and reliability of its components. At Tech Tube, our obsession for the integrity and quality of our products leads companies worldwide to trust our products to perform time and time again. We know that failure is not an option.

Our dedicated Research and Development department works tirelessly researching cleaner, stronger and more reliable methods and materials for our processes. Our experts make sure our products are always on the cutting-edge as the aerospace industry continually breaks barriers.

We work with our customers to ensure that all of their custom needs are met. The industry’s requirement for exacting specifications carries over into every tube we ship.

We know that there is never room for error and one failure could result in catastrophic consequences. Our world-class products are found in nearly every corner of the industry, from commercial airliners, to military jet fighters, transport planes, missiles, rockets, spacecraft, satellites, and even the International Space Station. If you are one of the nearly 2 million people that fly daily in the United States, you can rest assured knowing that you are flying with Tech Tube parts onboard.


Tech Tube has been working with the medical industry for the past 15 years. We’ve helped engineer medical implants such as stents, pacemaker guide wires, and bone screws. In addition, Tech Tube’s products can also be found in medical and dental instruments and blood testing equipment worldwide. Our company has helped modernize the medical industry and has improved the lives of thousands of patients.

The tubing we develop and the alloys we use cover a wide spectrum of medical applications. We specialize in nitinol, an alloy that is revolutionizing the medical industry through the metal’s super-elastic and shape-memory properties, allowing surgeons to implant our stents with superior reliability and effectiveness.

We know that the medical industry has uncommon specifications for their tubing and cannot settle for anything less than the best. At Tech Tube, our dedicated teams work with you one-on-one to develop and design specialized and customized products specifically for your needs.


The demand for energy places huge demands on the power generation industry. These demands for quality, reliable and forward-thinking parts are passed on to manufacturers like Tech Tube. While working to keep costs low without ever sacrificing quality, we are here to meet that demand.

Tech Tube’s Research and Development department is dedicated to developing revolutionary new technologies to help propel these industries forward. Our attention to detail and our superior products mean that the power industry can use our tubing to push the limits of their current technologies and work to develop the power generation techniques of the future, whether it is solar, nuclear, wind, hydro, geothermal, or fossil fuel power.

In the power generation industry, it is critical for the tubing components to be able to withstand extreme temperatures and/or extreme environments, without ever compromising the tubing’s integrity.

Our ability to develop custom fabricated parts means that we will cater to any need, for any end use. Our custom fabricated high temperature cooling tube is just an example of Tech Tube’s ability to meet the unique needs of its customers.